Introduction to FBO One

Introduction to FBO One

In the overview of FBO One below, we will outline the following aspects:

  • Business benefits of FBO One
  • Front office operations: handling & fuel
  • Mobile devices
  • Back office & invoicing
  • Management reporting 

Business Benefits

FBO One is designed for businesses that provide the following ground handling services:

  • Private jet aircraft handling
  • Aircraft refueling

FBO One is especially valuable for FBOs that provide the combination of handling services and refueling. 

FBO One dramatically improves the process and information flow throughout your aircraft ground handling business. FBO One drives your operation through customizable front-office and back-office work processes, to fit your unique flow of work. Amsterdam Software developed FBO One with this single goal in mind.

When using FBO One, your staff can focus on adding real customer value. Non-value adding work is eliminated by FBO One. No more repetitive data entry or labor intensive lookup of dispersed information across your enterprise. Your staff takes more pride in their work, and your customers experience more personal attention and a smooth and well organized handling process.  

Supported business processes for the front office

Clear overview for operations 

FBO One provides your front office with a birds-eye view of all pending orders and line services. No matter how busy you are, FBO One keeps you organized.

FBO One is tailored for use on iPads and smartphones via secure networks, providing your staff with real-time information on flight details and services to be accomplished. 

From the apron, schedules can be updated in real time, services such as catering can be ordered and crew can be briefed on the latest weather reports and movements of commercials flights. It’s just like being in the office with the great advantage of being at the foot of the aircraft.



Users behind the desk have a clear overview of all arrivals and departures via the planboard of FBO One. Flights due to arrive or depart appear at the top and you will have Google-style access to all pending handling orders and handling tasks. You can also easily access order details and client or aircraft information via the planboard. Above all, the information displayed on the planboard is fully customizable, making it a lot more user friendly.

FBO One has a link with Eurocontrol/CFMU and FlightAware which produces real-time flight updates. There is also a link with NetJets Europe to automatically integrate handling request updates into FBO One. A link with Universal is currently being built. 

Services are planned and monitored

The intuitive system interface of FBO One supports you in all stages of the service process: from handling request, planning, performing line service actions, to invoicing and customer after-care. FBO One supports the information flow for all line services provided by your FBO.

FBO One can send automated handling confirmations and supplier orders by email, but can also send movement messages to the customer and airport authorities, saving the user valuable time. 

All customer history available

The relationship between you and each customer is unique and valuable. FBO One keeps a detailed and flexible record of each relation, and makes this data easily available whenever you interact with the customer.

Customer notifications, reminders, order history, contracts and pricing agreements: everything is stored centrally in FBO One. Information is entered only once, and automatically applied and accessible whenever it is applicable.

No matter if you operate a single FBO facility or run operations world wide: your unique and valuable relationship with each customer is actively used and presented by FBO One in all stages of the customer servicing process. FBO One is helping you to always be up to date, everywhere around the globe, wherever you customers may be. 

Always ready for payment

You can easily process a payment or generate an invoice using FBO One. FBO One automatically checks if all prices are known and if something is missing or incorrect. This will eliminate waiting time for customers but most of all result in no more revenue loss due to paper file consolidation.

Supported business processes for fuel

For FBOs that do aircraft refueling Amsterdam Software developed the FBO One Fuel Module. The FBO One Fuel Module allows you to be on top of all the fuel processes of your FBO. 

The FBO One Fuel Module is able to:

  • Enter the details of the fuel tickets
  • Track current stock (inventory management) for each type of fuel, such as Jet A-1 and Avgas
  • Account for stock differences, for example caused by missing tickets
  • Manage fuel contracts and credit terms
  • Automate price calculation to easily handle payments
  • Create and book invoices for fuel sales
  • Book fuel reward program points in the accounting system
  • Book revenue and stock value in the accounting system

The processes outlined above can be slightly different between FBOs. The FBO One Fuel Module can be adjusted to each FBO's specific processes and business model.

The price for fuel can be defined in FBO One to be the sum of a set of price components. By allowing this breakdown, FBO One has the advantage of lower day to day price maintenance, because only those components that change need to be updated. Also, because the various taxes on fuel are configured as price components, FBO One is capable of generating tax declaration statements.

In FBO One a general overview is provided in the integrated fuel dispatch and logbook screen.

Supported business processes for accounting

In FBO One the back office is fully integrated with the front office, which refines the connection between operations and accounting.

With FBO One sending batch invoices, splitting invoices for third-party services and booking invoices into the accounting system has never been this easy.

The powerful contract and pricing engine of FBO One can handle prices for both handling and fuel and maintaining price agreements can be done in a few clicks. 

Centralized reference data

FBO Networks are able to integrate their locations using FBO One, so that you can share CRM data as well as possibly centralize back office work such as invoicing and accounting.

Management Reports

All data is available for analysis and reports are quickly generated and exported to Excel. FBO One can even send scheduled management reports to your inbox.

Reports are fully customizable and can contain data such as fuel performance, revenue per location, parking utilization, etc. The data can even be visualized to easily get a clear overview of the data presented by the reports.

Fuel Performance Graph