FBO One produces reports in PDF, Excel and Word formats, Passenger manifests, Handling confirmations are just a few examples. When opening/viewing these reports there are multiple download options that can be used to ensure a certain level of security, for example force a document to open in a a popup window or force the file to be downloaded first.


This will show the PDF in a popup window. If the web browser has a popup blocker enabled, this may suppress the document from being displayed successfully.


This will show a window that prompts to either open or save the PDF file. This allows the PDF to be easily downloaded and prevents a pop-up blocker from blocking the PDF report.


This will always show the open and save dialog, even when a PDF report is generated through a workflow transition screen, for example a supply order confirmation or an order confirmation. Use this for instance if Adobe Acrobat crashes the pop up window, and thus crashing Internet Explorer. This allows you to continue to work with FBO One.

When experiencing problems with popups opening in Google Chrome, setting 'SecurePrinting' to true might solve the problem.