How to configure a Air Card Invoice Report

This page explains how to create a Air Card Invoice Report (Report that is used to create an invoice for Air Card by Kropp Holding Int).

Air Card holders can purchase products from the FBO using their card. However, the product codes in the Air Card payment program mostly do not match the way products are named in FBO One. Therefore invoicing Air Card becomes very complicated because all products have to be checked and compared manually. This is very time consuming and error-prone.

FBO One creates a report that can be used to create an invoice for Air Card Automatically. When the custom value (formerly 'export value') 'MS-Code' is added to a product, FBO One understands that this particular product matches an Air Card product. The system then automatically adds the Air Card product code to the FBO-product in the report. If a product does not exist in the Air Card program FBO One returns the default value 'NOT USED'.

How to add custom values to a product and how to configure the Air Card Invoice Report is described below.

Adding a custom value to a product:
  • In the Search box look for the product that uses a different Air Card product name, for example HANDLING SURCHARGE (or go to Administration screen/Products and open the product from there)
  • Open the tab 'Custom Values' and click 'Add new'
  • Select the FBO Location that provides the product
  • Select 'MSCode | <<Air Card name>>' (in this case: 'Overtime Fee')
  • click 'Save'

In case there is a large amount of products that needs to be edited, Amsterdam Software can support you with this by automating the process. Kropp Holding Air Card can provide a list of all their product codes and descriptions.

Setting the visibility of the codes

In order to display this custom value in the 'edit product' page you can link it to the FBO Location group 'MSHANDLERS'. Go to Back Office/Custom Values and edit the MSCode property selecting 'MSHANDLERS' in the FBO Location group field and click 'Save'. Next the FBO Location where the Air Card Invoice report is going to be used has to be added to to the ' MSHANDLERS' FBO Location group.

Finally the report access needs to be set. For the report already in the system, the role NA (not available) is set, so the report is not visible to anyone. Go to Administration --> Report Access and select an appropriate role for the report.

Now the report is configured and ready to use.


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