Calendar / Bulletin board (Ops)


To enable users to take notes quickly and easily, FBO One provides an easy access text field at the top-right side of the OPS Order Grid and Fuel screen (shown in blue below). These messages can either be assigned to the calendar (red below) or bulletin board (green below).

Calendar items can be assigned a date and time and can be linked to orders if needed. 

All Calendar items are listed chronologically and provide status and planning information. The user can configure the states of calendar items.

By subdividing items in different categories (eg OPS, VIP, RAMP, FUEL, etc.) messages can be made visible to certain user roles like VIP or RAMP. For example, for RAMP employees it may not be relevant for the to view VIP items on their Bulletin Board/Calendar and vice versa.

The Bulletin Board can be used as a notepad for general items to be seen by all.

Creating a Bulletin Board Message

Type the message directly into the field above the bulletin board (top right).

Use the drop-down menu to select 'Bulletin Board' and click 'Create'

The message will now appear on the bulletin board.

Creating a calendar item

To make a note (e.g a phone message) type directly in to the blank text area in the top right hand panel:

Select 'Ops Calendar' to add this item to the Calendar, then add the appropriate date/time and status. Click, 'Create' to finalise the message and add it to the calendar.

Changing/Updating a calendar or bulletin board message item

The Calendar provides several (colored) status indicators. Users can update the status by clicking on a calendar item, then choosing an option from the drop down menu.

The below item is currently set to 'Follow-up by phone', once this is being actioned the user may wish to set the status to 'In progress' to inform colleagues, then 'Completed' once dealt with.

When a calendar item is set as Completed it will disappear from the calendar list, but can still be accessed by clicking on Show All.

To 'edit' a calendar or bulletin board item, select the 'edit' option from the drop-down menu shown above.

The below 'edit' screen will appear. 

From the 'edit' screen, several options are available:

  1. Update the message text
  2. Increase/decrease the message visibility. Forexample, whereby FBO One is used at multiple locations, the message can be set to 'All FBO Locations' so that it is seen by all
  3. Increase/decrease the message priority. The message can be set to Normal/Important/Critical. Increasing the importance to important add a red flag to the message, and critical will add a red warning sign.
  4. Changing the 'Category' allows the user to change where the message is shown, e.g. moving it from the 'Calendar' to the 'Bulletin Board'. The date/time for calendar items can also be updated in this section, as well as the status.
  5. The 'File' section, allows the user to upload a file attachment relevant to the message

In the below example, a calendar item was edited to change the importance to 'Critical' (red warning sign). The paperclip symbol indicates to other users that there is a relevant document attached to this message:

 To view the attached document, click on the message and from the drop-down menu again click 'edit'. The attachments are accessible to the left hand side of the 'edit' screen

Deleting & Displaying all Calendar/bulletin board items:

To delete a calendar or bulletin board item no longer relevant, click 'delete' from the drop-down menu

Clicking on 'Show All' displays all calendar items

In the following screen various filters can be applied to search for calendar items. For example, to view all 'Completed' items, use the 'workflow state' filter, set to 'Completed', then 'Search'. 

Note: New Calendar states can be created and customized by the user. Configuring the status options can be done by editing the calendar task states.

Linking calendar items to orders

Clicking on a Calendar item displays a drop-down menu containing the option ‘Link to Order’:

The following screen appears, an order should be selected to which the item is to be linked:

The planboard order now shows a clock icon, to indicate a linked calendar item. (Display of the icon is configurable using the 'Planboard Order Grid' settings).

Hovering over the clock icon displays the calendar item text.

Any calendar items that have been linked to orders, will also display within the order to which they have been linked:

An item can be separated from the order by clicking the "unlink" button, from the calendar item drop-down:

Items can only be added to orders when users have the appropriate authorizations.

Once the order is transferred to the back office (Registered), all attached Calendar items are removed from the list in the OPS Order Grid and FUEL screen. When the order is registered all non-completed Calendar items are displayed to alert the user.

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