How to create a new entry period

Entry Periods in FBO One match the periods in the accounting system and are usually they are defined per month.

Invoices in FBO One are booked into an external accounting system of choice used export files called entries. The entries are booked into an entry period. At the end of the period, the total amount booked in FBO One  should match the amount present in the accounting system. By running a services report for the given entry period, you can retrieve this amount in FBO One, and then compare it against the figures in the accounting system.

To create a new entry period for a new month follow the steps below.

1. Go to 'Back Office', click on the 'Entry Periods' tab and then click on 'New entry period.

2. As you can see FBO One automatically sets the next period, based on the previous period. In this case the previous period was the second period of 2011, started on the 1st of February and lasted one month. The new period will be automatically set to third period of 2011 starting at March 1st. Enter a description and click 'OK' to go to the next step.

3. Now the new entry period has been created. It is in the not opened state, which means that invoices cannot be booked against it. When it has become March, simply click on activate to open the new entry period.

4. Now it is required to check if the prices from last month are still current, and if the exchange rates (if used) are still current. If so, check both boxes and click 'OK' to activate the new entry period.

Now the new entry period is active and invoices can be booked against it. Closing the previous entry period goes in the same manner by clicking 'Close' in that entry period screen.