Online Payments (Administration)


Online payments are automatically populated when an online payment is started for an order.

‘Fetch the status for all payments’ can be done to fetch the status of current non settled online payments. Status is automatically fetched on a timed basis (60 min default) by Robot > OnlinePaymentStatusRobot

Submit batch for settlement’ will batch all online payments to the payment gateway that are open for settlement. Payments are finalized when settlement occurs, and must be credited if incorrect. ‘Batch for settlement' occurs daily automatically at a set time defined by the payment gateway’s 'Daily settle time UTC’ field.


  • Payment gateway account: Show online payments for the payment gateway account selected.

  • Payment status: Show online payments that have the ‘Current state’ for the payment status selected.

  • Search: Free text search of the Online payments table, searching on every column.


  • Fetch status: Fetches the current status of this online payment. Status is automatically fetched on a timed basis (60 min default) by Robot > OnlinePaymentStatusRobot.

  • Order: The order the online payment is linked to, with shortcut link to order.

  • Payment: The payment number, with shortcut link to payment.

  • Created on: The date and time the online payment was created in UTC.

  • Current state: The current online payment workflow state of this online payment.

  • Amount: The amount with currency for the online payment.

  • BatchNr: The batch number the payment was included in when sent for settlement.

  • Token:

  • Trans#:

  • Result: The result of this online payment,

  • Card: The online payment card used for the payment.

  • Remarks: Free-text remarks for this payment.

  • Test Mode: Indicates if the online payment was created while the payment gateway was in test mode.

  • Authorization code:


  • Remarks: Free text remarks for the online payment.