Payment Cards On File (Administration)


For convenience, credit card information can be optionally stored ‘on file’ for future use as part of the normal online payment process. This information is stored securely, with full credit card number is not stored or viewable in FBO One. Card numbers are safely stored in the gateway vault, and a special token representing the card number is returned to FBO One. Subsequent charges or refunds are handled through the passing of the token.

‘Fetch all cards on file’ may be used to confirm if a card is still active / valid. Cards may become inactive due to expiration, or invalid for other reasons.

All cards on file


  • Is active: Indicates whether the card is active.

  • Alias: The card on file form of payment and alias (last 4 digits of card).

  • Form of payment: The form of payment for this card on file. Note: Form of payment will show if card is stored when taking payment. See Forms of payment (Administration).

  • Payment receipt recipients: The list payment receipt recipients (email addresses) when the card on file is used to take payment.

  • Order: Shows the order key if the card on file is stored against the order.

  • Aircraft registration: Shows the aircraft registration if the card on file is stored against the registration.

  • Debtor or operator: Shows the debtor or operator if the card on file is stored against the debtor or operator.

  • TEST: Indicates if the card stored is a test card for test mode for the payment gateway.

  • ExpiryDate: The expiry date for the card in UTC.

  • Deactivated at (UTC): The deactivated date and time for the card on file. Populated by the payment gateway.

  • Deactivated reason: The reason for deactivation of the card. This is populated by the payment gateway, and can include ‘Expired card’.

  • Remarks: Free text remarks for this card, for example ‘Use this card for Fuel only’.

  • CreatedUTC: The date in UTC that the card was first stored on file.

  • Fetch: Fetches the status for the card from the payment gateway. Status is automatically fetched on a time basis (60 min default) by Robot > CardOnFileStatusRobot.

  • Remove: Removes the card on file. This cannot be undone.

  • Log: Shows the audit log of the card on file line.


  • Alias: Free text field showing the form of payment and (last 4 digits of card).

  • Payment receipt recipients: Free text email field for defining which email addresses should be included when sending a payment receipt after payment with this card on file. Emails should be separated by comma or semi-colon.

  • Remarks: Free text remarks for this card on file, this can include extra information for the card, for example “Card should be used for fuel only”