AIR Card for Special Contract Fuel Merchants

US Government AIR Card is a form payment used by US military branches (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard), their contractors, and other governmental entities. When fuel is sold based on a direct contract with the US Government, the merchant will be paid for the fuel directly by the DOD (Department of Defense). Any other charges, such as landing fees, will be paid separately from the fuel, by KHI (Kropp Holdings, Inc.). In such cases, FBO One supports processing all charges on a single order, using a single online payment transaction. Once the order is processed in the back office, FBO One supports the generation of separate invoices (if required by accounting); one for the contract fuel (DOD) and one for the handling services (KHI).

This documentation describes:

  1. How quotes and orders are created and AIR Card online payment taken in the Front Office
  2. How the order is automatically split to two invoices in the Back Office
  3. How credits/refunds are handled when required

Front Office:

Creating AIR Card Quote (BGR)

Creating AIR Card Order (BGR)

AIR Card Orders with Multiple Uplifts (BGR)

Back Office:

Approval and Invoices - AIR Card (BGR)

Credit Payment after Settlement - AIR Card (BGR)

Credit Payment and Rebill after Settlement - AIR Card (BGR)