AccountStatementEmailSubject / AccountStatementEmailBody

See How to send reminder emails for invoices due to debtors page guide for where these email settings are used.


Please note this setting is also available per FBO in the ‘FBO locations settings' page area. Note: For Administration’s with multiple FBO location settings defined, the first FBO location alphabetically is used.

Email template variables may be used for both the subject and body settings.

AccountStatementEmailSubject example:

1 ~DebtorDisplayName~ due invoices overview by ~Administration.AccountsReceivableName~

AccountStatementEmailBody example:

Ensure ~account-statement-invoices~ is added to the email body to show a table of invoices and amounts - overdue invoices will show in red bold text.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Dear Client, Please find attached a list of due invoices including their copies. We kindly ask that you ensure payment processed by the due date and that you include our invoice reference numbers within you bank transfer text comments. Should you have any queries please feel free contact us on our email ~EmailAC~ ~account-statement-due-invoices~ Kind regards, ~EmployeeDisplayName~ Accounts Team ~EmailAC~

Email example:

Note: A PDF copy of the Due invoices statement with copies of all applicable invoices is automatically attached with the email.