Payment Bank File Settings (Administration)

Payment Bank File Settings rows are automatically populated when saving new file settings via 'Upload Bank Statement' in the Payments (Back office) page.

For detailed how to page for creating payments from uploading bank statements see How to upload wire transfer payments from bank file statements.

This page can be used to delete file settings and change Administration for a setting.


Import payments into FBO One by upload a CSV file with bank transactions


  • Settings name: The 'Settings name', this is the name shown in the file settings drop down.

  • Match string: The matching text that this file setting uses to auto-select and match against future file uploads. For example 'HSBC' to match against file names containing HSBC.

  • Administration: The Administration that the file setting is available to.


File settings can be edited in Json via ‘Settings Json’ field. However, it is recommended to edit existing file settings in the 'Upload From File' screen in Payments (Back office).

  • Settings name: Free text field, the setting name should be unique for the Administration.

  • Match string: Free text field, this is the matching text for the setting to be chosen or available for use for the upload.

  • Administration: Drop down field, showing all Administrations available, allowing for moving the setting to a different Administration.

  • Settings Json: Json format for each file setting. The format should not be changed, with each line defining each setting. See settings below:

    • HasHeaders: ‘Has Headers’ field, options are: “Yes” or “No”

    • Separator: ‘File separator’ field. Free text between quotes, example: “,“

    • DecimalPoint: ‘Decimal point symbol’ field. Free text between quotes example: “.“

    • AmountColumnType: ‘Amount column type’ field. Options are between quotes: “PositiveOrNegativeValue“ or “TextIndicator“ or “TwoColumns“

    • PaidInIndicatorTextColumnIndex: 'Text indicator for Paid in' field. Free text between quotes, example: “Credit“

    • PaidInIndicatorText: ‘Text indicator for Paid in’ field. Free text between quotes, example “Credit“

    • PaidInAmountColumnIndex: ‘Column index Paid In’ or 'Column index for Amount' fields. Relates to index column without quotes, example: 2

    • PaidOutAmountColumnIndex: 'Column index Paid out' field. Relates to index column without quotes, example: 3

    • DateColumnIndex: 'Column index for date' field. Relates to index column without quotes, example: 1

    • DateFormat: 'Date format' field. Should be in C# date format between quotes, example: “dd-MM-yy“

    • Currency: ‘File currency' field. Available currencies between quotes, example: “EUR“

    • CostMatchingText: ‘Bank cost text indicator’ field. Free text between quotes, example: “Transfer Fee“

    • PaymentDetailsIndex: 'Column index payment details' field. Relates to index column without quotes, example: 5