Total on-blocks time calculator

This calculator is obsolete and will be removed from FBO One. Please use the Parking per 24 hours calculator instead. It is obsolete because it cannot handle unassigned parking time.

This parking calculator sets the total on-blocks time, parked on parking positions that relate to the parking price category of the product. 
The total on-blocks time is the sum of the duration of all applicable parking assignments.

Time is measured in units based on the unit of the orderline.

Optional properties

AboveQuantity (int, default =0)
The total quantity minus the abovequantity is returned

MaximumQuantity (int, default = NULL)
If set and the total quantity is higher than the maximum, the maximum quantity is returned 

The combination of the settings AboveQuantity and MaximumQuantity can be used to configure time bands. 
For example 'AboveQuantity=0;MaximumQuantity=24' to return the first 24 hours and 'AboveQuantity=24;MaximumQuantity=24' for the next 24 hours.

MultiplyByTons (bool; default=false)
Wheter to multiply the found number of time intervals by the mtow in tons of the aircraft

freeMinutes (int, default = 0)
This option subtracts the amount in minutes from the total time parked.

roundQuantityPerAssignment (bool, default = true)
If set to true, the amount of minutes parked will be rounded up to the nearest hour per assignment, before adding the amounts together for the total time parked.
If set to false, the amount of minutes parked will only be rounded up to the nearest hour after adding all the unrounded amounts per assignment together.

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