Master Data Changes report

Static data in FBO One is data such as contacts, aircraft registration and price agreements. This data is shared between FBO locations. This data needs to be monitored to prevent duplicate entries or mistakes. The 'Master data changes' report has been added to FBO One to make the monitoring of static data easier. The report will show both newly inserted static data and updated static data. It is based on the audit log.

To download the report, the audit date from/before has to be filled in twice, once for the inserts and once for the updates.

Scheduling the report

The report has been added to the 'Scheduled report' section of FBO One. It is scheduled to be run every week on Monday, but this can be changed according to your preferences. How to change that is described in Scheduled Reports. To simply activate the scheduling, go to 'Reports' --> 'Scheduled report'. Click 'Edit' and fill in the correct email addresses and check the box 'Is Enabled'.

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