January 22 Product Update

Better reporting & speed

New features & Improvements

Speed and performance improvements

  • Enable table cache for TransitionDocumentAttachment - improving the speed of document attachments

Reporting improvements - New columns and fixes:

  • Receipt/Invoice report improvements

    • Add Debtor individual address reporting columns allowing for custom debtor address blocks

  • Order, Movement, and Payment report fixes

    • LT versions of date time columns missing from Orders (and Payments) STA/STD, ETA/ETD, Start/End)

    • Movements: (ArrDepScheduled, ArrDepEstimated)

  • Services reporting new columns:

    • Transit pax count in and Transit pax count out, FrontOfficeWorkflow name, Supplier Fax, Debtor Fax, Supplier State, Debtor State, Ledger description

  • Contacts reporting new columns

    • OverrideAutoAttachJsonToEmailInvoice, VAT Remark, Disable payment cards on file* (*Aircraft Registration too)

  • Product reporting new columns

    • IsSupplyOrderHtmlFormat, HasPriceReferenceDateForChildServices, IsCostAllowEnterSalesPriceInParentProduct, PriceCalculatorUnitPriceFormula, Supply Order Template Subject

Email variables added

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • 'Alt/Shift *' keyboard shortcut in fuel tickets always displays the UTC time in the modernUI screen

  • EditStockMutation 'Fuelled by' and 'Fuelling location' expand/clear buttons are hidden in modernUI

  • Improve padding and color of transition containers

  • Admin > Parking Positions is missing 'Delete' button at foot of the list

General bug fixes

  • The parent service auto-added by secondary service is already marked as deleted by refresh of auto add products

  • Report Template names containing special characters cause OOPS exception when trying to run a report

  • RDL Template Names containing characters cause OOPS Exception during 'Edit RDL template'

API Fixes

  • Handling order is not exported because it is incorrectly seen as outdated by the subscriber process - improving reliability

  • ToDynamoDBSubscriber is sending handlings to dynamo DB from all FBO locations if no FBO location is enabled by custom value