April 22 Product Update

New Confirmation Screens , Major Speed Improvements

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New features & Improvements

New screens

  • Updated Handling Confirmation screens - quickly send handling confirmation to customers on mobile-friendly screens. demo

  • Updated Handling Cancellation screens - quickly send handling cancellations to customers on mobile-friendly screens. demo

Speed and performance improvements

  • Audit log speed improvements: Major audit log improvements by speeding up the most recent change table audit trigger

  • Database improvements: Prevent deadlocks on tables that may cause users large spikes in waiting on page load

  • Speed up Price Agreements: Expire one-off price agreements linked to a handling order based on handling transaction date

  • Speed up Product price agreements: The product price agreement tab when linked to handlings is slow.

  • Speed up server performance: Reduce Web Server long-running HTTP requests for handlings version changes.

Misc improvements

  • Add a Remarks field to User accounts to allow quick free-text notes for users, with default user reports containing the new field.

  • Make available Handling Category, Billing Remarks, and Debtor's Order number columns to the Backoffice Orders page for a faster overview of Orders, see how to add them here.

  • Clean up the Recurring Order header with Create Recurring Order and the Search box improved.

  • Improve fuel stock mutation reporting by adding new Supplier and Applied exchange rate columns along with a Supplier report filter when generating fuel reports.

  • Allow overriding the product default for when a Suppliers Order Number should be mandatory on a per workflow config step basis, for Order Third Party screens.

  • Allow attaching documents from the bulletin board during ClientNotification transition

  • Add a 'What's new' menu page link to the Product blog for Release notes/Latest release

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • Redirect all users to the new login page when navigating to the Classic login page.

  • Make Order workflow transition fill the whole width of the transition column - applicable to new screens only.

  • When the 'Description' field for workflow transitions is blank, the header bar hides the transition name, indenting all fields.

General bug fixes

  • Crew/Pax: Copy crew pax from previous flight button click causes HttpUnhandledException due to crew or pax display name from special characters.

  • Crew/Pax: Crew/Pax search does not recognize names if entered with the 'Middle name'.

  • Payments: Uplift paid by WFS/Colt is converted to 1 USG through the payment gateway.

  • Fuel ticket: EditStockMutation setting "Mandatory fields=All" does not make the Supplier field mandatory