May 22 Product Update

New Register Order Screen , Filter by Custom Value , Frequent customer discounts , Copy Reports & Price Agreements

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New features & Improvements

New features

  • Filter by Custom Value on the Planboard screen - quickly see Orders that contain specific custom values.

  • Quickly copy Reports and Price Agreements - reduce the workload of recreating Reports and Price Agreements from existing reports.

  • Allow Frequent Customer calculator to calculate discounts applied on a per day/week/month basis. Set specific pricing based upon the frequency of a customer visiting over a time period.

New screens

  • Updated Register Order screens - quickly register orders, sending them to the back office on mobile-friendly screens. demo

Speed and performance improvements

  • Audit log speed improvements: Drastically improve performance and reduce the slow spikes from multiple transactions in the database.

Misc improvements

  • Show the FBO Location Group restriction in the Workflow Transition Custom Values screen.

  • Allow Crew Types to be restricted based upon FBO location or FBO location group. Hide outdated or location-specific crew types in an FBO network.

  • Add Supplier contact & Operator contact columns to the Services query

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • HandlingConfirm/Cancel: Handling confirmation/cancellation & Attached Order reports/template docs should open as a popup, not in a new tab

  • React Order transitions no longer show the workflow transition description

  • Correct the field label for 'Trip support provider email', currently reads 'trip provider email'

  • After payment from the RegisterOrder button, the OK button is still disabled if there's no amount due

General bug fixes

  • Running Stock query - Volume Unit, Weight Unit, TicketURL column doesn't populate

  • Interactive Reports - 'time' field is missing for Service delivery/progress filters (Services & HandlingConfirmation query)

  • Operator field > OTC (React Screen) is auto-clearing upon Order Save / Creation

  • Old synced flights are re-sent to the Brussels Airport when the robot cleaner deletes passengers

  • Adding new Vat Code throws an exception