April 23 Product Update

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New features & Improvements

  • Updated Create blank related Order screen - quickly create a related Order for billing on a mobile-friendly screen.

  • Updated Send receipt by email screen - quickly send the receipt to the customer on a mobile-friendly screen.

Misc improvements

  • UI improvements

    • Add a menu item for quick deleting of bulletin board messages.

    • Show the Parking Area for the Parking position field in the Order

    • Change the Main Search field to an icon when the screen width is too small to prevent close icons hidden

    • Add a Test system page link in the drawer menu allowing quick access for training and experimenting on your test system.

  • Master data improvements

    • Layout improvements, including extra fields and re-organization for the Service detail screen, Fuel tickets, Contact detail screen, and Invoice detail screen

    • Contact merge conflict fixes, fixing issues hit by conflicting data between the source and target contacts. Including Reward programs, Contract invoice debtor, Administration contact number, AOC, Invoice debtor, Default forms of payment

  • Admin page improvements

    • Improvements in displaying the readable error messages for duplicate values in admin tables. Including Custom values, custom properties, and station groups.

    • Add search to admin tables where it is currently not possible.

    • Add an A-Z sort for custom values added to Contacts, Registrations, Types

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • Error message shown when an Email address is missing during user creation/edit is not user friendly

  • Re-word error message displayed when deleting products

  • Fix text opacity for default text, buttons, and table cells back to 1

  • Irrelevant pax count warning during Handling Arrive & Handling Depart, after the user has entered pax count

  • Admin product mapping has an incorrect Handling Station label

  • Dropdown for Opeator and Debtor hangs/errors when 'Create new' is used for registration in Order

  • Group member passcode - Move the field to the right (mirroring Classic)

  • When pressing enter for registration/contact dropdowns when no results are found, the create new screen is not opened

  • Search result count matches are very pale and almost unreadable

  • Select the entire text when clicking inside the text box of a dropdown

  • Quick search invoice number should include in the Administration name

  • The dropdown having two options with the same display name is causing strange rendering of duplicating those options multiple times

  • Dropdown fields are now automatically dropping open when the user is tabbing between fields

  • The new Crew/Pax screen search box is no longer displaying names in full

  • Search fields are often ignoring/lagging behind what the user types and the first letter doesn't appear/has to be re-typed

  • Contact (supplier, debtor, operator) dropdowns no longer match results when searching by short name

  • Dropdown results show duplicates records when scrolling

  • Create Simple Quote screen will not accept a value in the Debtor field (auto or manual)

  • Font change is making text blurry and unreadable when used on older screens

  • Pressing enter in the drawer menu registers the search in the URL, refreshing the page and preventing page change from the drawer menu

  • Edit Order: Yellow Warnings are missing during the save

  • Edit Order: The field for Group Member Passcode is missing for Group Users

General fixes

  • Analytics: Add default/primary FBO station ICAO to metadata

  • Crew/Pax UI Grid: Add a min/max date for date fields, to differentiate between expiry dates and dates of birth

  • Try proving with a tester that a SQL deadlock from an updatable transaction can block the quick search and other read-only operations

  • Correct AutomaticStockTakings Robot default settings

  • Global Search issues - Search Icon on continuous display and last searched item kept in memory

  • Bulletin board attachments are not opening/downloading as they should

  • Decipher Error message relating to Stock Taking, when trying to close an Entry Period


  • Improvements to Airport Integration API

  • Public API Flight Info should Include the local date-time info not only the ISO date time