June 22 Product Update

New Create Handling Order Screen , Upload invoices electronically to any debtor

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New features & Improvements

New features

  • Create a generic FBO One upload invoice solution that can work for any debtor - contact support@fboone.com if you’re an Operator or Debtor and would like to receive invoices electronically.

New screens

  • Updated Create Handling Order screen - quickly create Handling orders on mobile-friendly screens. DEMO:

Speed and performance improvements

  • Speed up refresh rate on Ops Planboard - there should be an almost instant update between Order and Planboard.

Misc improvements

  • Planboard date separator now displays the multi-view location name and timezone.

  • Freeze column headers on the Planboard so they remain visible when page scrolling demo

  • Add a ‘copy' link option to copy ‘Airport Opening’ list items and 'Peak list’ list items.

  • Reporting: Add Pax/Crew count columns to the Pax Crew query.

  • Reporting: Add columns to Orders, Services, and Stock mutations queries indicating if the Order IsPrimaryOrder.

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • Remove Classic Header showing on back-office pages

  • 'Restricted to FBO location group' field is blank when contact is edited and has a restriction added

  • Select Debtor and Form of payment screen won't load or throw an error when an error is present on the order

  • Make the TakePayment popup screens dynamic width to screen size instead of fixed width

  • TakePayment screen glitches when using 'X' to clear the FOP field

  • Offline TakePayment screen won't load in Group Accounts & Prompts for Passcode that can't be saved

  • Revert design of Main Search results

  • Custom value filter: Display of the current custom value filter is not displayed in the filter summary

  • '600' header text shows on Offline TakePayment React screens

  • CreateHandlingOrder UI: Remove new 'Time' field displayed when 'CreateScheduledFlights=True' setting is in use

  • AdminDebtorInvoiceUploader table needs add "Add new", Delete, buttons + class name column

General bug fixes

  • Payments: Modern UI Create Otc Order does not pick up Order Form of Payment from contracts

  • Payments: An error is thrown when trying to delete a payment from the Order screen

  • Payments: First new swipe attempt on the order does not continue to Authorize Payment screen as required

  • Crew/Pax: When more than one FBO Location is added to restrict a Crew Type, the Type does not show at any of the locations

  • Crew/Pax: IsCrew column for Crew types has been missing from the Crew Types table - since 19/Jun/22

  • Crew/Pax: Crew Types: Improve the error message thrown when a user tries to add the same FBO Location/Group assignment twice

  • Crew/Pax: Improve Error Messages thrown when adding/deleting Crew Types

  • Crew/Pax: Crew Types: Deleted FBO Location/Group Assignment is reappearing after deletion

  • Crew/Pax: Crew Types: Strange Error in Jet Aviation when creating new Crew Types

  • Reporting: The Daily Stock query does not respect SKU filters

  • Performance: Disable LLBLGEN query tracing

  • Performance: Order saved OpsTemplateVariables often appears in a deadlock trace