February 22 Product Update

New screens , API , Speed

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New features & Improvements

New features

New screens

  • Updated login page for mobile devices - easily log in from any device with touch-friendly screens

  • Updated Create Fuel Order (Uplift, Purchase, Transfer, Defuel) - mobile-friendly, faster screens that allow entering fuel ticket details when creating orders - saving on actioning extra workflows. demo:

  • Updated Create Otc Order screen - quickly create Over the Counter orders on mobile-friendly screens. demo:

  • Updated Create Order column showing all order types on the Planboard - allowing for quick reference of open flights to the left

  • Updated Handling Depart screen - easily send movement messages and update the departure flight leg on the updated mobile-friendly screen. demo:

Speed and performance improvements

  • Speedup order calculation - order price calculations are now much faster improving the speed the Order loads.

  • Create Smart table cache for Contacts, Custom Values, Bulletin Board Messages - Drastically improve the speed for network FBOs by reducing the need to reload entire tables for every user change

Usability improvements

  • Allow faster field tabbing in screens - no more tabbing on drop-down arrows or clear fields demo:

  • Show Station Name & Price category in ‘Parking Area’ field when using 'Add Parking Position'. Reducing the risk of adding positions to the wrong station or category!

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • Remove blank space at the bottom of popups

  • Create order shows an empty button when the user has no permission to execute the transition

  • Passcode field is missing for Group Users on Create Order in modernUI if Custom Values are present

  • About FBO One page is not showing Version if the user is not logged in

  • Login UI: Username should show auto-fill options same as password field

  • Handling Arrive & Handling Depart: Add Audit remarks field when ticked for the workflow transition

  • Client Notification: Internal Remarks/External Remarks do not save when entered

General bug fixes

  • CreateFuelOrder shows no mandatory fuel ticket fields when they are marked as mandatory

  • Group Accounts cannot create OTC Orders in ModernUI as Group Member Passcode field is missing - bug introduced 18-Feb-22

  • Sort Order in Admin > Parking Areas & Positions screen is not respected

  • Menu > 'Add Parking Position' & 'Add Parking Area' > Save return User to Obsolete Classic Main Menu/Home screen - now redirects to default Ops Screen.

  • NewContactEmailBody direct link to contact from email is no longer working

  • Handling Arrive: Undo Arrival, followed by 'Handling Arrive' seems to cause insert of random Off-block estimate

  • Null Ref error when trying to map OpenIdUser with FBO One user

API fixes

  • UAE Carrier Portal Robot is unable to match travelers for cancel when names contain trailing spaces

  • Allow specifying subscribers with webhooks

  • Create (API) Advance Passenger Information integration for the UAE market