July 22 Product Update

New Create Arrival & Departure Only, Home Operator Order screens , Admin page improvements

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New features & Improvements

New screens

  • Updated Create Arrival & Departure Only Order screens - quickly create Arrival only or Departure only orders on mobile-friendly screens. DEMO:

  • Updated Create Home Operator Order screen - quickly create Home Operator orders on mobile-friendly screens. DEMO:

Misc improvements

  • Add a ‘Price agreements’ tab in the aircraft registration detail screen, showing any pricing related to the registration.

  • Classic table improvements: Add a ‘copy’ link to copy rows on the following admin tables:

    • FBO locations, Administrations, SKU, Stock locations, Custom values, Parking areas, Parking positions, Scheduled reports, Entry Period Reports, Entry reports, Invoice reports, Order reports, Report Queries, Upload invoices links, Ops Service Filters,

  • Classic table improvements: Add a ‘Show inactive/expired’ checkbox for filtering on the following admin tables:

    • Stock locations, Entry periods, FBO locations, Forms of Payment, IP Whitelist, Peak lists, Airport Opening lists, Payment cards on file

  • Classic table improvements: Add drop-down filters to the following admin tables:

    • FBO locations (by Administration),

    • Forms of Payment, Custom values, Match invoices, Contact (Price agreements), Products (Price agreements) (by FBO location)

  • Improved authorizations for adding Parking and Services to an Order. Restrict the user only to be able to add services or parking positions.

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • CreateOrder - Simplify the display of Custom Values drop-down to mirror Classic remove 'Select' & 'Custom property'

  • CreateOrder - Order custom values shown in Create Order should be half-width instead of full width for height saving

  • CreateHandlingOrder - Hide extra 'Handling' header displayed when setting ShowHandlingStation=false

  • CreateHandlingOrder - Custom Values 'Warning if not specified' is not displayed on Order save

  • CreateOTCOrder - Overridden 'Start/End time' labels are overflowing fields

  • Online Payment - Debtor / FOP Clear/drop-down buttons overrun the window and get partially hidden

  • Browser Tab Label does not reflect the correct page title for Admin > 'Handling Layouts'

  • Sidebar info texts overlap

  • Add LT (Local Time) label to 'Valid From Date' and 'Time of day' headers on the Airport Opening List screen

  • 'Custom Property for unit price formula' product drop down is blank when Custom property 'Description' is blank

  • Authorize Payment UI: Fix header from 'Ballance' to 'Balance'

  • A/C Reg no longer remains populated when a search is made via the Classic Create Order screen prior to Order creation

  • CreateHomeOperator UI: Single order start transition opens in classic

  • Make 'Data Provider Settings' report query field multiline text area, not a text box

  • Deleting master records takes the user back to Classic not their default view

  • 'Get Live Database' should return users to their default layout and not Classic after copy

  • Mobile: Add an input type for number, fields for mobile keyboard input

  • Transit Pax Count isn't showing on Classic Order Screen

  • CreateOrder: When using the Planboard buttons for Create Order, the registration no longer populates for the CreateOrder (bug introduced to test systems only)

  • When a debtor is changed in 'Set debtor and form of payment', the FOP is not updated with the contract default

  • Debtor for an fuel only order should take the contract of the fuel product group

General fixes

  • API:

    • RegisterOrder shows an 'API' error for 'You are not allowed to view payments'

    • Crew/Pax Public API needs an IsCrew flag

    • UKBF: Setup UKBF SOAP connection

    • UKBF: robot Track validation and requests

    • UKBF: Departure data sent to UKBF is not fully populated

    • UKBF: Retry submission to UKBF in case of timeout

    • UKBF: Track cancel history records

    • UKBF: Incorrect data type supplied for Manifest No.

    • UKBF: Update Crew pax API to include crew and operator address

    • UKBF: UKBF Robot should not cancel previously sent data when has validation errors

    • UKBF: Check for updates needs to look at the previous sent request as opposed to FBO One previous sent crew pax list

    • Transform CrewPax JSON to UKBF XML format

    • Jet Aviation Survey API export new property to indicate the Aircraft Manufacturer, Model and Shortname, Serial number

    • UAE Carrier Robot cannot create a new registration in the portal when the aircraft description contains '-'

  • Reporting:

    • Payments query columns have been blank since June 22 update

    • SKU filter for Running stock, Daily stock, and Stock mutations only shows SKUs of the context of current FBO location

  • Misc:

    • User Default Layout 'Movements' is not respected after CreateHandlingOrder is executed

    • 'Copy' table row function should highlight the copied row instead of the original row

    • UTC Timezone shown on Planboard does not update correctly following Daylight Saving

    • GOPS custom property Fuel Uplift Quantity (PVT USD/USG) blocking Create OTC order

    • Update LondonCity LCY parking calculator with a new parking rule for one aircraft

    • isNil check is not properly importing lodash the library

    • RegisterOrder shows an 'API' error for 'You are not allowed to view payments'

    • Contacts' price agreements tab shows agreements for other contacts when there is a match on the contact custom value

    • 'Payment Cards On File' & 'Payment Requests' page is named as 'Payment Gateways' in the tab title